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A Message From Utah


"I don't mind living on the streets if that makes sure a woman has a bed in that place, so that they're safe. I've been on these streets for 21 years. I can do it."


"A lot of people out here don't wanna go home. That's what people don't get is that home's badder than here."


"People have made me cry by not looking at me or answering me, and treat me like I didn't want more because I fell into homelessness."


"It's kind of traumatizing, y'know? I'm really intelligent because of it, but it caused a lot of issues too... it really didn't help me any."


"I don't see [social workers] a lot, but it's always good when I see them."


Born in Colorado and hoping to return to Washington, this woman is currently stranded in Utah.

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