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Radical Changes is an organization dedicated to digital advocacy as well as in-person impact, to cause radical change in the lives and well-being of homeless communities.


We aim to reduce the technological divide by providing smartphones and resources needed to get off the streets remotely, while allowing them to maintain their autonomy. We distribute tents, hygienic products and medicine, warm meals, blankets, clothes, and other necessary supplies to those directly affected by homelessness. 


We use social media as a tool to generate both awareness as well as an independent source of revenue. Those experiencing homelessness face a variety of ever-changing issues that often go unheard. Our hope is that our efforts will spur others to take up a similar mission, and create a ripple affect fueled by compassion and informed actions.

Mission Statement 

Our team members strive to use the experiences and knowledge they've acquired through hardships (poverty, discrimination, physical abuse, etc.,) to further help those experiencing homelessness and contextualize to the public what it truly means to be without a home.


We look to combat commonplace stigma ingrained in the American consciousness regarding the homeless experience, while simultaneously ensuring that our efforts do not rob an individual of their agency and choice to receive assistance. 

What It Means To Us

There's a variety of ways to get involved and help out our neighbors in need! You can donate money, time, and resources to the national effort in alleviating homelessness, and you can educate yourself on the current politics, legislation, social attitudes, and assistance efforts that are effecting the homeless right now. 

If you'd like to support us in our goals to assist those experiencing homelessness, sign onto our email list, follow our journeys across the U.S, or even shop from our online  store, the proceeds of which go directly to aiding individuals in need.

Folded Clothes

Can I Do?

Many prominent organizations, like the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, put out annual reports on the observed statistics for those struggling with homelessness. Other organizations, like the National Coalition for the Homeless, dispense 'fact sheets' to battle public stigma and stereotypes regarding the homeless experience. Independent research for information about your area has become easier due to today's technology.

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Where Can I Learn?

Black and White Students

Share what you learn with friends, families, and kindred spirits who also want to make a difference. Encourage them to donate resources and time to the effort, as well as consider how they impact the national public stigma and misinformation. 

And share our journey with them! Invite them to follow our travels on Instagram and meet the amazing individuals we encounter in each state. Invite them to support these individuals separately, or just listen to the stories they have to tell. 

Well, How Can I Get Others Involved?

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