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We are a collective group of young individuals dedicated to creating a self sustainable nonprofit, meaning we focus on gaining multiple streams of revenue to put towards our social mission rather then grants as we feel this is the best approach to a long term-sustainable nonprofit organization



Aleko Pieratos is currently a Masters student at the University of Denver, studying organizational leadership and using his skills to create a pilot program for Radical Changes.


After learning about the structural issues of the nonprofit sector and his experience helping found the Neighbors in Need program, he decided to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to using digital advocacy as a methodology to raise awareness while simultaneously generating raw funds for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Program Coordinator

Kay is currently a J.D./MSW candidate. She received her B.A. in Sociology from Drew University, where she also minored in French, and “Law, Justice, and Society”. Once obtained, Kay intends to utilize her combined pursued degrees to assist those experiencing homelessness through Radical Productions with legal and case management advisement.

Kay is currently interning at the Youth Empowerment Project. She is passionate about helping youth involved in the Juvenile court systems as well.


Lead Graphic Designer

Kirstin is a Drew University graduate currently serving the community as a library assistant, while assisting in archival work and children's programs. She aims to receive a Masters degree in Library Science and Information Science, in the hopes to better assist public education and technological literacy.


Her past training and experience in graphic design and web design aid her in keeping Radical Changes media functioning, up-to-date, and accessible. In her spare time, Kirstin serves as volunteer leader for 4-H, leading community clubs for children.

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Media Coordinator

Erin has been interested in film and directing from a very young age. She currently studies film and has spent several months traveling around the country with founder Aleko, documenting stories of individuals experiencing homelessness.


Erin works in editing and public outreach, in addition to helping manage and run our YouTube and social media accounts.


The Van

Aleko travels the country every year gathering perspectives, resources, and spreading awareness for what the average person can do for the homeless. The Van is instrumental in this process and helps us achieve our short and long term goals.

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